PaperAR15 Makes World’s First 3D Paper Gun! WOW!

Looking forward to the  anti-gun nuts losing  it over this new development!

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“Photos of the world’s first 3D printed gun were discovered on the, a forum for firearms enthusiasts and supporters of gun rights. The creator, who goes by the username HaveBlue, assembled the weapon by combining the body of a normal .22 caliber pistol with that of a printed plastic version of the lower receiver used in AR-15 assault rifles (similar to the military’s M16). HaveBlue then tested out the creation by successfully firing 200 rounds without any signs of malfunction or complications, according to a post on the web site.

HaveBlue documents his gunsmithing process in such a detailed way, it might be a bit unnerving for some folks. With little more than a Stratasys 3D printer, a $30 batch of plastic resin and printing specifications available on the internet, the user was able to produce several of the necessary working parts. A step-by-step blueprint for making your own AR-15 lower receiver can also be found on Thingiverse.

While only one part of the gun was actually ”printed,” the lower receiver is the critical piece that enables the weapon to fire. It includes the bolt, trigger and the magazine, where ammunition is stored. Thats why under the American Gun Control Act, it’s this lower part that constitutes an operational gun and thus is heavily regulated.” (SmartPlanet, 2012)

The issue which arises now is that if anyone with a 3D printer can manufacture this part themselves or, as my previous report found, can purchase firearms freely using underground websites, what good would any form of “gun control” be?

One thought on “ Makes World’s First 3D Paper Gun! WOW!”

  1. Thats awesome! I wonder if they could print AR 15 lowers using advanced polymers such as Magpul uses.

    If you could do this, than you would have a nice lightweight AR 15 that’s dependable as well.

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